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Silence of the Heart

It is difficult to find the correct words to describe Silence of the Heart.  For in words the very essence of this beautiful and essential practice is lost. Nonetheless, I shall attempt to explain this ancient practice as I myself continue to learn how to pray in this way.

Silence of the Heart is when man experiences the true presence of God in his innermost being. This takes place after all distractions of the mind have been weeded out and what remains alone is silent communion with God. This communion, or presence, can also be understood as the purest form of conversation with God. A conversation where words will not suffice but only the awareness of our own presence before the glory of God. This awareness is ultimately the pinnacle of prayer, because it is where man orientates all his love to it’s proper end—The Trinity.

It is a practice that is difficult to perfect because it takes much time and effort, but as brother Lawerence writes in his short book, the practice of the presence OF GOD, “It is proper that the heart—which is the first to live and which dominates all the other parts of the body—should be the first and the last to love God. The heart is the beginning and the end of all our spiritual and bodily actions and generally speaking, of everything we do in our lives. It is, therefore, the heart whose attention we must carefully focus on God.” So, despite the difficulty of the practice we must not grow weary in responding to God’s invitation.

For it is He who calls and awaits us in the Silence of our Hearts.