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“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul."
John Muir

go deeper into wilderness

We carry everything we need - explore untouched lands and experience creation in its purest form.  Creatio provides all of the technical group gear and supplies you need as well as the backcountry expertise which is necessary to safely enjoy the wilderness.. The backcountry is our living room and we want to welcome you home.

Flat Tops is Colorado's second largest Wilderness. This is where the idea of wilderness was first applied to public land. The Flat Tops are part of the White River Plateau with an average elevation of about 10,000 feet. Approximately 110 lakes and ponds, often unnamed, dot the country above and below numerous flat-topped cliffs. 

Creatio Signature Experience

Let beauty spark wonder in your soul. Experience the profound power of beauty to transcend the humdrum of daily life and propel you into deeper fulfillment. Witness the raw wilderness as you backpack through the Colorado mountain ranges. Challenge yourself to grow deeper. Discover how by pushing the body to its limits, our souls are forged stronger. Allow the difficulty of carrying a full backpack while hiking up mountains to transform your spirit.
Reconcile the fundamental relationships: with God, with yourself, with creation, and with others. Encounter true community with fellow backpackers and form relationships that teach us about the heart of God.

Intro to Backpacking Course

No experience necessary! Let us show you why we are totally obsessed with the backcountry experience.

Your Basic Guide to backpacking