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Lenten Challenge

We challenge you to be apart of our mission to go further up & deeper in this Lent.

Donate Monthly. Meet us in Person. Go on an Experience. 

"Beauty will save the world" - Fyodor Dostoevsky

Your Donation helps "save the world"

While on a Creatio Experience, participants are encouraged us to disconnect from distraction; awaken their senses; and perceive truth, beauty and goodness in themselves, in others, and in the physical world. The Creatio Experience serves as a catalyst for personal transformation–it is designed to be a powerful encounter that revitalizes our natural desire to find and fulfill our God-given identity. When you donate to Creatio you join us in this mission in a direct and profound way. 

Donating = Loving

Help ensure Creatio has the resources to guide all people to encounter the beauty of creation and its Creator.

Support a Missionary

Our Missionaries fundraise 100% of their salaries so that they can dedicate themselves to the mission year round while keeping trip prices accessible to all.