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Lenten Challenge

Donate Monthly. Meet us in Person. Go on an Experience. 

Embrace challenge.

Lent is a time when we often think of loved ones who find themselves outside the fold of the Church. Creatio's work sparks a light in the darkness for those who struggle to find Him. We invite all those journeying with us to look upwards, listen to the word of wilderness and transform the depths of our being. 

We challenge you to be apart of our mission to go further up & deeper in this Lent. Come on a Creatio Experience yourself, or invite those you know. 

Through the gift of generous benefactors, Creatio is launching a matching campaign of $20,000 this Lenten Season. 


"Encountering God and meeting new people during this short time is something that I will never forget, especially arriving in Chimayo on the last day. Going forth I want to remember, and not forget, that everyday is a pilgrimage."

- Chimayo Participant 2023


"I’ve always been Catholic, but I always felt that the world had too much of a hold on me... This experience allowed me to detach from the world and find who I am in Jesus Christ."

- Bella, Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage 2022


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